Mr. David Dawes was admitted to Envive Healthcare of Lawrenceburg after a hospital stay for respiratory failure, receiving a tracheotomy, and being placed on a ventilator. Mr. Dawes had an uphill battle when he arrived, but after working with the therapy and clinical team, he stated, “I have made great improvements since I got here. My overall well-being has improved. I didn’t see myself making this much progress. One day I am in bed, can’t talk, dependent on tube feedings and a ventilator. Then the next day I am breathing on my own, I’m up in a chair, feeding myself, exercising my legs, and having conversations with my wife.”

“Everyone has a positive attitude, which in turn has given me a positive attitude. I do whatever I can to follow directions with the staff because I know they have my best interest at heart.”

He is excited to eat real food and drink Coca-Cola again, and wants to keep getting stronger and one day walk again.