About Us

Our communities do more than restore health-they truly embody the warmth, comfort, and support of a close-knit family. We pride ourselves on our strong base of corporate values: Support. Communication. Positivity.

Envive Healthcare is your leading network of skilled nursing communities in Indiana. Setting a high standard of care, Envive Healthcare provides short-term and long-term care, respite stay, and specialized mental health and wellness support.

Our goal is to help residents throughout the Envive family gain strength with compassion and respect. We know that you matter, and we want to make sure we show it every step of the way. Our warm and inviting environments allow us to work with you on an individual basis to grow healthier both physically and mentally.

When you are a part of the Envive family, you can expect an experience without rival as soon as you walk through the doors. The impeccable values of our leadership permeate throughout hand-selected teams, creating welcoming spaces with an unshakable commitment to quality of care. Discover the unique offerings of Envive Healthcare.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: Envive Healthcare is a family-oriented company delivering excellence to our patients, employees, families, and communities, one person at a time.

Our Vision: Envive Healthcare is focused on growing through innovative, pioneering healthcare leadership as the employer and provider of choice.